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The World's Largest Licensing Platform

The infrastructure that unlocks licensing to everyone. Covering brands, promotions, territories and products.

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Brand Licensing Unlocked

Discover the full value of your brands equity with pre-qualified offers, automated royalties, license management and more.

Trusted worldwide

People and companies in over 70 countries trust the ILOCX platform.


Licenses can be issued on platform, we've removed the hurdles, so you can focus on what you do best.


Fair For All

Our platform is founded on the principles of fairness and transparency, ensuring equitable outcomes for licensors and licensees.

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Secure Platform

Confidently navigate, negotiate, and nurture your licensing deals, knowing you're backed by the highest standards of digital security.

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Opportunity at your fingertips

Unlocking the power of licensing to all.

Brand Licensing

To expand product lines, target new audiences, increase revenue and grow market share, license a world class brand.

Discover the full value of your brands equity, receive pre-qualified offers from established licensee's, list now.

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Product Licensing

Licensee: Leverage external innovation to enhance your market position.

Licensor: Unlock your inventions equity. Turn the intellectual property of your inventions into a tangible revenue stream.

Product Licensing opens at 250 listings. To be one of the first, register here.

Promotional Licensing

Back a company, help it to grow sales and get paid royalties on top line revenue during the most lucrative stage of growth.

Raise money and supercharge promotion by creating a new asset class, apply here.

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Territorial Licensing

For startups that want to hit the ground running. Bring a proven product to your market, with all the support you need.

Own a scalable business? Scale globally on your terms, apply here.


Get involved in licensing, find the right solution, grow your network and gain expertise while getting paid commissions.

Looking for an agent? Get in touch here.

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Service Providers

We maintain a network of effective and efficient consultants and small businesses to serve the ILOCX ecosystem.

Want to work on interesting projects? Qualify as a service provider with ILOCX, apply here.

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