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Back companies when it counts

Help businesses already making money get to the next level and scale globally.

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Trusted worldwide

People and companies in over 70 countries trust the ILOCX framework and platform.

Everyone's Invited

Our licenses are compliant worldwide, allowing everyone to participate in the most lucrative stage of a company's growth.

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Fair Returns

Buyers are rewarded with royalty payments tied to legally reported revenue and their involvement.

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Secure Platform

Purchases are processed using a secure payment processor and money is received directly by the company.

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Opportunity at your fingertips

Licensing can radically scale companies while fairly rewarding participants for their efforts.

Promotional Licensing

Buy a promotional license to back a company, participate to grow sales and receive royalties on top line revenue.

Or, to raise money and supercharge promotion by creating a new asset class, apply here.

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Territorial Licensing

A territorial license lets you bring proven products and services into your market, with all the support you need.

Own a scalable business? To scale globally on your terms, apply here.

Listing Agent

Get involved in early stage companies, find the right solution, build connections, gain expertise and grow your network. *

* Limited regions remain

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How it works

Promotional licenses get you involved in the most lucrative stage of company growth.

Buy a License

Buy licenses in a company you are interested in safely and easily using our secure checkout.

Qualify Your License

Share company details to your personal network to enable royalty payments from a company.

See Your Returns

Royalties are automatically paid on total sales made, into your linked account.

Return on involvement

The nature of licensing means the more you get involved, the more you benefit. The opportunities are ready and waiting for you.

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